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Material Choices
With the Hardscape Systems method you can cover the substrate  with vertical carved concrete, stucco, veneer, brick or natural stone. You can even choose just leave the finish a simple knockdown stucco style(or similar) and with or without color. You should choose a material for your seat wall that won’t clash with your home’s exterior or other landscape features, and that will be appropriate for the weather and climate in your area.

Seat Wall Shape
You don’t have to put in a long, straight seat wall if it doesn’t fit with your yard. A semicircular seat wall can be a very eye-catching feature, especially if you set it up around a pre-existing feature such as a koi pond or a fire pit. A semicircular configuration will also allow you to create a more welcoming environment where guests seated at the wall can easily converse. Outdoor furniture if selected properly will be complimented by a seat wall.

Extra Features
A seat wall doesn’t have to be plain and dull you can decorate it with plant shelves to hold pots. A seat wall can have water features and lights incorporated. You also have boulders cut in, or even use a seat wall as the base for a pergola or gazebo. Seat walls are also used as planters or have planters worked into the design. Various custom colored tile veneers, glass, ceramic, stone can be applied to create an individual look. You can even stamp your or your children’s hands into the side. When you have a completely custom seat wall installed, the only limits are your imagination and personal taste.

The founders of Hardscape systems have a combined 60yrs. of hardscape experience. Ranging from pavers to concrete,natural stone and wood, water features, benches, rocks and caves, virtually any type of hardscape in many mediums. We look forward to working with you to create stunning hardscapes and improving your bottom line.Type your paragraph here.

At Hardscape Systems LLC, we have come up with a patent pending system that allows you to create many of these common hardscape elements in much less time than conventional materials.  Less time means less labor, which means you can now pick up those clients that before, were just out of your range of services.

  EPS foam has been used in the concrete industry for over 35 years.  It has proven to be a reliable and dependable insulating material since the 50’s and has recently been shown to have unlimited design potential. It is considered a green building material, and can improve overall structural durability despite the light mass it possesses. Despite its advantages, working with foam at the field level can still be cumbersome as non-linear structures can sometimes require an extensive amount of cutting in order to complete specific designs such as an S shaped seat wall.

  Hardscape System’s patent pending design solves that issue.  Our unique seat wall system employs a number of precision relief cuts into specific pieces that will allow one to flex the foam to make a curved wall without any complicated cutting.  If you are incorporating a cap for the wall, that is just as easy.  No complicated cutting of pieces to fit or pre-casting pieces offsite to use later. Your top can be poured in place in the shape you want with no difficult cutting, forming or aggravation.Type your paragraph here.