You are NOW able to purchase the complete system online. The store carries all the components needed to complete your Hardscape System Designs.

  At Hardscape Systems LLC, we have come up with a patent pending system that allows you to create many of these common hardscape elements in much less time than conventional materials.  Less time means less labor, which means you can now pick up those clients that before, were just out of your range of services.


Hardscape Systems LLC specializes in the manufacture and distribution of products for creating hardscapes. The goal of our systems is to provide value to the consumer, ease of installation, being aesthetically pleasing, at a lower comparative cost, and superior durability.​


Seat Walls

Water Features

Integral Planters

Custom Benches

EPS foam has been used in the concrete industry for over 35 years.  It has proven to be a reliable and dependable insulating material since the 50’s and has recently been shown to have unlimited design potential. It is considered a green building material, and can improve overall structural durability despite the light mass it possesses. Despite its advantages, working with foam at the field level can still be cumbersome as non-linear structures can sometimes require an extensive amount of cutting in order to complete specific designs such as an S shaped seat wall.


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